Upcoming Events:

1st Saturday of the month GET SOME STAGE TIME!

For **OVER 3 YEARS** Liquid Fun has hosted an open mic on the 1st Saturday of the month!
   We are excited to get various artists, especially performers of all ages, together and involved.
   Muggs N Manor has always been one of our favorite venues; great staff, awesome menu, drink specials and they are big supporters to the local music scene. Drums, PA and amps provided. Advanced sign-up for under 21 performers  is available and encouraged, walk ins welcome too!
​    Please let us know if you have any questions.


1/25 Fri. Reefpoint Brew House - Racine, WI - Acoustic Duo

2/8 Fri. Martini Room - Elgin, IL - Acoustic Duo

3/9 Sat.  Bungalow Joe's with Gory Details & She Rides Tigers

3/16 Sat. Village Squire - W Dundee, IL - Acoustic Duo

4/4 Thurs.  Houndstooth Saloon - Chicago, IL - Acoustic Duo

Thurs April 11th, 18th & 25th - Village Squire - W Dundee, IL - Acoustic Duo

4/20 Sat. Front Street Tap - Harvard, IL - Acoustic Duo